Hockey Day update Jan 30-Feb 8

Jan 30 was another day at work amid the fog and evergreens.  Just like I like it!



Jan 31 I had to run to Birch Bay, WA for an errand.  I decided to grab lunch at one of the Mexican restaurants as they are terrific (Canada not so much!).  This was the view as I walked back to my car.



Feb 1 I was out and about at 5 p.m., and noticed how the light was still fairly bright.  Spring is on its way.  As a winter lover, I pre-mourn the loss of my skeleton-like trees, and grey skies.  Time is never a bad thing, though!  Being present means relishing the light, even if you prefer the dark!



Feb 2 I was sitting in our sitting room as the sun began to set in this lovely pink hue:


Feb 3 my wife and I went to Langara College to see their interpretation of Spring Awakening.  She has never seen the play, while I’ve seen the national tour in D.C.  I LOVE this play.  Studio 58 did a fantastic job.  The photo is inside Roots Cafe, where we had our lunch.  Vegan options!  Tasty, but a bit on the skimpy side.  Not to worry!  I’m a sucker for a good coffee shop that is indie!



Feb 4 I had the day off, and ran some errands in Ft. Langley.  I love Lee’s Market there, especially the olive bar.  This little town is often in the movies.  It’s a treat to drive through regularly.


Feb 5 I got a nice look at the little stud calf in our neighbourhood.  He’s a Highland Cross mix.  So cute!!



Feb 6 my horse decided to be cute the second I snapped a photo.  Oh my I love that face!



Feb 7 I opened my hummus (red pepper Sabra yum) to see this face on the plastic skin.  Haha!  Evil hummus man!



Feb 8 I snapped this photo of our slow feeder net called a N.A.G. Bag.  It slows down the eating of the horses, and allows them to graze similarly to how they would in the wild.  These things can hold an entire bale, but we don’t need that.  We mix coarse with a Timothy mix during the winter.  This sucker weighs about 15 pounds, and they eat for up to 3 hours on it (2 horses)


See you next update!


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