Halfway Januaryway Point

January 12, I saw brownies on a random show, and immediately wanted to make vegan ones.  My wife came in from outdoors as I was mixing them up, and said, “Brownies?! Wow!”  So cute!


January 13 turned into a baking day as well.  My wife had some frozen wild blackberries from 2009 (!) that needed to be used to allow for some space in the freezer.  I love a good muffin or scone, and decided to go for the easier recipe of vegan muffins.



January 15 was a work day for me.  It was a long one, and I was craving sushi afterward. Ok, I was craving sushi and sake.  The photo is of the complimentary tea cups (the tea is complimentary, not the cups!) at the sushi place in town. So good!


 January 15 was a day off at home, which means farm chores and errands for the farm.  This is a typical supplement purchase, minus the homeopathic herbs one of our geldings gets for allergies.  Also, there are only 2 bags of wood pellets.  We usually buy 5.  



January 16 was a workday again for me.  The sun was out most of the chilly day, revealing the mountains.  Off to the right is Three Sisters.  





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