3 more days

It’s been a quiet few days over here in under-the-weather-land.  I still managed to take daily photos, though.

Jan 4 was the last of the vegan Christmas cookies.  These were very almond-ish.  I found a recipe on a new website, and probably would have preferred less almond flavour.  They didn’t exactly taste so much like sugar cookies as they did biscuits.  I like that you can see the remnants of my old guitar callouses on my middle finger tip.  2012 was very busy, with little time to play.  I hope this year I have deep ruts in my fingertips again.

photo (4)

Jan 5 was a really slow day.  We stayed home and finished Six Feet Under DVDs.  I decided to start eating less on-the-go meals, and this was my breakfast.  The blackberries are from the property, and were so good.  I don’t have any idea how long they have been in the freezer.

photo (5)

Jan 6 was a perfect me day.  The weather was wet, overcast, and rainy.  We decided to take two of the dogs (the little one is still wearing her Elizabethan collar following spay surgery) to Brae Island Regional Park for a hike.  We were married there, and love to visit whenever we can.  This time we hiked up a trail that led past the very populated Ft. Langley riverbank to a more remote are you see in the photo.  Next time we will go to Tavistock Point if the weather permits.  I love the maple leaf cover on the ground, and the spooky riverbank.

photo (6)

See ya in a few days.  Let’s hope I feel better.


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