2013 265 Project Days 1-3

I’ve always wanted to do the “365 project”, but never coordinated my efforts in an earnest attempt.

Let’s give it a go in 2013, shall we?

Jan 1, 2013:

ImageThis is the result of our New Year’s Eve celebration.  We finished half of that bottle of dessert wine, and the mini-bottle of champagne.  Happy New Year!

Jan 2, 2013:



These are the adorable feet of my wife’s cat.  

Jan 3, 2013:


I’ve had this watch for over 10 years, and rarely worn it with a working battery.  Last month, I finally got the thing working again so that I could actually use it as I wore it.  I love it, but find the snaps on the skin side to irritate me a bit.  Oh well.



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Aren't we all living our own adventures in ego-sitting?
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